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About us


APCAT (Amar Pujo Cultural Association of Toronto) is a registered non-profit organization that strives to celebrate and promote the richness of the Bengali and Indian culture. 

It is an initiative by a group of young, vibrant, like-minded Bengalis living in Toronto whose sole objective is to bring back childhood festive memories to present. As we celebrate Durga Pujo this year far from old friends and family, it is probably the right time to be a bit nostalgic of what we miss every year: ‘Mahalaya’ – the introduction of ‘Debi-Pakhya’ by mesmerizing voice of Late Birendra Krishna Bhadra, the refreshing scent of ‘Shiuli Phul’, new dresses, Sharodiya Anandamela, Egg Rolls / Biriyani, the rhythm of Dhak, waiting hours for one peek at the girl (or boy) next door during Asthami Pushpanjali, Bijoyar Misti – the list is endless and cannot probably be recreated. What can be recreated though, is that feeling of community, some moments of pure and unadulterated fun among new friends, the spirit of ‘Nirbhejal Adda’ and last but not the least, Bengali ‘Bhuri Bhoj’. That is all we are attempting to do …. 

image of Maa durga

This is our 11th year and we extend our warmest invitation for you to come and spend Durga Puja 2022 with us and redefine the Bengali traditions in Toronto !!

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